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At WV Skydivers, we're all thrill-seekers and, as far as we're concerned, nothing beats the rush you get from skydiving in the beautiful tri-state area.
Kyle Ln Huntington WV 25702
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At WV Skydivers, we're all thrill-seekers and, as far as we're concerned, nothing beats the rush you get from throwing yourself out of a soaring plane 11,000 feet above the ground! If you're anything like us, after your first jump, you'll be hooked, but whether you're interested in just a tandem jump, getting your solo cert, or you're an experienced jumper, we're where you want to be! Jump over the breathtaking Ohio River and Appalachian Mountains of Huntington, West Virginia- Conveniently located in the central tri-state area making adventure a destination as easy as a short drive from Huntington, WV, Ashland, KY, Ironton, OH, or any other tri-state city! We are a fun-driven, family friendly, laid back drop zone and we love catering to first time jumpers and the experienced alike! Reserve your skydiving experience today!

Pricing and Services:
Tandem – $235
The thrill of a lifetime begins at 11,500ft off the ground. Jump harnessed to a USPA instructor while reaching 120 MPH in freefall for 60 seconds. Then, enjoy a scenic canopy ride for about four to six minutes. You can also capture your skydiving experience with video and still photos (for an additional fee).

Student Course – $370
For those that are willing to leave the plane on their own, we offer a USPA certified course where you will first jump tandem with a USPA certified Tandem Instructor while receiving in-air coaching. The tandem would be followed by a four to six hour course instructed in a classroom setting and led by an IAD Instructor. Once your coursework is complete, you are ready to jump out of a plane by yourself for the first time. You will be accompanied by an IAD Instructor who will walk you through your first solo jump.

Student Jumps – $100-$120
Once your First Jump Course is complete, you can then work to reach your own skydiving license in as little as twenty-five jumps.

Experienced Jumps – (prices below)
4,000ft Jumps (Hop & Pop) – $20
Altitude Jumps – $25

Flight Observer – $25
Is jumping out of a perfectly good airplane not for you but you would still love the thrill of being there as the jumpers exit the plane? Come along for an observation flight and look at the world from a different angle.

Video – $120-$140
All of these choices are amazing but how do you adequately explain to your friends what an amazing time you had? You can make them jealous with video and pictures. Capture your first or your hundredth jump with video and stills, just let your instructor know and they will set it up for you.



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